#2 Brussel Sprouts

brussels pist bacon


Ok so you can’t go wrong with Brussels sprouts and you can make them a million different ways. Here is a recipe that seems to be loved by all!!

1/2 pound of uncured bacon

Two plus pounds of Brussels sprouts

6 large carrots

4 chalets you can add more if you like

Black pepper


Sea salt

1 cup Toasted/ Roasted Pistachios or pecans

Butter if you need it but the bacon fat should be enough fat to cook the brussel sprouts.

Chop Brussel Sprouts in half and remove the knobby end, chop the carrots into small pieces and dice the chalets. First cook the bacon and set it aside. Then in the bacon fat add the chalets and cook. Once the chalets are done you can throw in the carrots, black pepper, sea salt and brussels. Cook in a frying pan until tender keep in mind they will keep cooking if you are making them ahead of time. If you don’t have enough fat to cook in just throw in some pork tallow or butter. Once you finish throw in the bacon and right before you serve and stir in the nuts of your choice.

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