Food Sensitivity Test

Food Sensitivity Test (MRT) (blood test) tests against 150 food items, food additives, and chemicals
. The test also identifies common hidden food intolerance. This test package also includes a 4-day rotation diet customized from your blood test results.

Most Common symptom: Constipation, weight gain, inflammation and swelling, migraine headaches, IBS, ADD/HD, skin conditions, food cravings, intestinal permeability or obesity?

Test includes:

  • 150 food items, food additives, and chemicals
  • Identifies common hidden food intolerances
  • Includes test results consultation, 4 day rotation diet and food logs.
  • Lab fee not included; kit includes FEDEX prepaid mailer (Lab fee $295)

Learn more about how food allergy testing can help you lose wight and improve your overall health.


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