Nutrition Consultation Packages

1. Basic Nutritional Consultation

Meeting your genetic nutritional requirements is a critical foundation that should be applied in any health-building program.

Consultation includes:

  • The Metabolic Typing
  • Detailed diet plan
  • Tools to fine-tune your macronutrient ratios
  • Food logs
  • A customized nutritional supplement protocol

Symptoms: Poor diet of processed foods, weight gain, sport specific nutrition to aid in performance, digestive issues and overall inability to get your diet on track and need to learn how.

2. Comprehensive Program Package (All Inclusive)

Includes the Basic Nutritional Consultation and all initial tests listed below:

Nutritional Program Plan
Hormone and Adrenal Profile
Metabolic Profile
Intestinal Mucosal Barrier Screen
GI Pathogen Screen
Parasite Screening
Food Sensitivity Test (Mediator Release Test)
• Results interpretation for each test
Βι−Weekly health coaching consultations for up to 3 months
• Customized supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on your individual requirements

Additional consultations beyond what is included in the Comprehensive Program Package are charged separately. 
A test results consultation is required for any and all tests. Consultations are used for educational purposes along with case management support to enhance effectiveness and desired results and empower you to take control of your own health. Retests will be recommended with some tests depending on the initial test results.

*Lab fees are paid separately and paid directly to the lab unless noted otherwise

Please note lab tests are subject to change.

(Package value exceeds $2,500 for all services, consultations and labs when done separately.)


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