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I am extremely fortunate having found Sam. Her well rounded knowledge far exceeds any other trainer in the area. I wasted much time & money with previous trainers. The personal attention, encouragement, praises & humor is a great workout atmosphere. Sam creates not just an exercise program but attacks all aspect of life that affects your health.  She helped me get my hormones on track by testing , evaluating and started a program to balance. Once that was implemented I lost weight, improved my mood, energy level and I believe assisted in my ability to get conceive after trying for many months. She will also keep you on track and guide you with proper eating & nutrition habits. At 39 and pregnant I am in the best shape of life! For me the overall benefit isn’t just weight loss but how extraordinary I feel everyday! Thanks Sam!
Andrea H.

I’ve been working with Sam for three months and have never felt better!  I’ve lost at least 10 pounds and fit into all my old clothes;  no more feeling bloated. As a nurse, I felt like I knew a lot about nutrition, having read numerous books on the topic. I’ve always been interested in health and fitness; it’s been a big part of my life for many years. I’ve heard a lot about stabilizing blood sugar as one of the most important aspects to lose weight, but I didn’t really understand what that felt like until I started working with Sam.  I don’t get the panicky… have to stuff my face with anything feeling anymore! The accountability of the daily food logs with feedback was one aspect that really helped me to achieve my goals.  I would recommend this program for anyone looking to lose a little or a lot of weight because the ultimate goal is to feel good and achieve optimal health.  Sam’s program does just that and has had the most significant impact for me than anything else I have ever tried.
-Andrea M.

I have been training with Sam since 2009.  Through her strength and cardio interval
personal training sessions weekly, I was able to make significant changes in my body. These included weight loss, inches lost, decreased body fat, and increased muscle tone. When my wedding came about in 2011 Sam kicked it up a notch and I was able to obtain my ideal body! Definitely something every bride dreams of and let’s be honest there is nothing better than feeling your absolute best when you walk down that aisle!  However, this is only half the story, the real life changing experience for me was her help with my nutrition. Before gluten became a well know ingredient that most people benefit from avoiding, Sam was talking about it along with the effects of other staples in many of our diets like processed food, caffeine, alcohol, soy, etc.  She never pushed one certain diet and takes the time to individualize a plan that’s bets for each person.  Through food logs and some nutritional coaching I saw significant improvements. Over the years Sam has been talking to me about food allergy testing and adrenal/hormone testing.  While interested I always put it off thinking I don’t have those issues and didn’t need to spend the money. This year in March I finally broke down and did both tests…let’s just say Sam was right.   Best.  Money.  Spent. Ever. I cannot overemphasize how much this testing and consultation with Sam has truly changed my life.  I previously had constant fatigue, brain fog, terrible digestive issues and the list goes on and on.  Since eliminating the foods I am intolerant to and going through the adrenal protocol I have seen such a drastic improvement in my energy, sleep, mood, and I no longer have to carry a bottle of tums around in my purse! Lastly, Sam never pretends like its easy, she is down to earth, and most importantly supportive since she has been through the same experience in her own journey to great health. If you are thinking about working with her I highly recommend that you do.  I can honestly say that it is the best investment you can make in yourself and your health.
Ashley D. (Wedding Planner)

3.5 years ago I thought I knew “how” to workout.  I was running 9 plus miles per day but not seeing results like I wanted.  After going to see Sam for a 1st session I quickly realized I was not training my body in the most effective way.  Over the past 3.5 years she has helped me to become stronger, leaner, learn more about exercise, loose 25+ pounds & allow me to really love my body.  Her comprehensive approach to exercise, nutrition & overall health is amazing.  She really cares about you as a person & tailors each program to the individual.  Training with her had such an impact on me that I decided to become a licensed trainer myself.  Of course, I still workout with Sam to continue to challenge myself in ways only she can impress upon me.
-Katie P. (Marketing)

I reached a high of 197 lbs and decided something had to change. That was in April and I worked for 3 months on my own to lose just 10lbs. I realized I needed help and was introduced to Sam by my brother. She analyzed my food intake, showed me how to adjust my eating habits and gave me a personalized training plan. In 3 months, I dropped from 187 to 156!! I feel better, I am more focused, I have less stress and I sleep better. I no longer need blood pressure or anti-stress medicine!
Thank you Sam for teaching me how to change my life style to be a happier me!!
-Bart Mol

Samantha Lander has been my trainer and nutritional coach for the past 6 months, and with her guidance I have been able to make a complete transformation.  At the beginning I was skeptical because in the past I had tried many times to lose weight with various diets and trainers with no success.  Sam recommended that I do some adrenal, hormonal and food sensitivity testing and then advised a nutritional supplement plan based on the lab results which boosted me both physically and emotionally.   The  results have been amazing.  Sam provided me with the momentum to consistently and successfully lose weight.  I now feel healthy and vibrant and function at an optimal level.  I am incredibly grateful for these huge changes she helped me accomplish.
-Dana E.

After countless years of exercise and not losing an ounce, I spent  four months with Sam and lost  20+lbs. You do the math. No magic potion, just Samantha Lander.
-R McBurrows

I came to Sweat Boxing gym interested in the boxing classes so I signed up for that, when I did I received 2 training sessions with Sam and got hooked. I am a fairly fit person but needed someone to give me that extra push & I really wanted to work on toning up. Well Sam did that for me! She got me in the best shape of my life and kept on pushing me to do better. She introduced me to exercises I had no clue existed and helped me reach my goals. I had to take a break for a moment due to some personal conflicts, but I can not wait to sign back up and start training with her again!
-Emily A., Career Services Coordinator

When I first came to Sam, I was newly engaged and had just bought a wedding dress I could barely zip. At a recent dress fitting, the seamtress begged me not to get any smaller or she would have to cut the dress apart and rebuild it. But what I love even more is how strong and fit I feel at the gym and in my everyday life.
-Mary Jo

Samantha Lander understands determination, focus & conviction in leading & inspiring others to their fitness goals.  Through intense training & accountability Samantha will lead you to belief in yourself & a commitment to long term well-being & personal growth.
-Ben Newman, Professional Speaker

I’ve been training with Sam for 6 months now and have seen a noticeable improvement in my levels of energy and strength.  With working full time and attending grad school several nights a week, I was neglecting my fitness goals.  Sam helped me get back into the groove by creating unique workouts designed to fit me and my fitness needs.  Sam motivates and challenges me while keeping it fun and interesting!  Thanks Sam!
– Annie Reichhardt, Third Grade Teacher

When I first began training with Sam, my goal was to lose 10 pounds. After working out with her for only two weeks, I not only dropped most of the weight I needed to, but got into better shape than I thought I ever could. I’ve worked out with trainers before and none of them compared to the expertise and knowledge that Sam has in both physical training and total well-being. Every session she has me do new exercises and work on full body strengthening. I was very concerned that I would build too much muscle and bulk up, as I have in the past, but Sam catered a plan to my specific needs that allowed me to tone my whole body without getting too big. She is incredibly flexible and will cater to her clients’ schedules, even at her own inconvenience. Now, I cannot imagine what I would do without Sam!
-Marrisa, Washington University college student