Personal Training

Samantha’s workouts are customized to your body type and include: weight training, High Impact Interval Training (HIIT), and Cardio Intervals. Each workout involves targeted intervals for legs, upper body and abs. The training programs are series of workouts that continually challenge and surprise the body. This method improves overall conditioning while always changing up the expectations of the body-leading to successful, visible results over the course of weeks and months. The workouts are not a quick fix but a lifestyle regimen, that if followed regularly, increase strength, decreases fat, and improve muscle reaction time.

Private training, semi-private group training, individualized training programs, and in-home training available.

Private Session: $85
(1-1 Training with Samantha)
Group Session: $38
(Your training session is  with 2 to 5 other clients)

To set up a session or if you have any questions please contact Samantha at or by phone at 314.724.5040. Visit on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “Personal Training

  1. lance r. oneal says:

    my name is lance oneal and i have lumbar spine stenosis. i had a L2-L5 fusion on june 11 2015. i had in-patient rehab , home health rehab, and outpt rehab. last week i completed outpt with exercises to con’t working on. Currently i have posture problems, weakness in the right hip and leg, core issues, and i have the ability to walk consistently for 7-9 min. i want someone with experience and knowledge of my condidtion. i have concerns with that issue.


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