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Hi! I’m Samantha Lander, a Functional Diagnostics practitioner, certified personal trainer, and holistic lifestyle coach. I use Functional lab testing and extensive health screenings to address a wide range of health stressors and create customized wellness programs.

Long Term “Life” style overhaul

Do you feel like you’re stuck on a cycle of trial and error, trying anything and everything to feel and look better? It’s time for real answers and real results. Whether you’ve been living with poor health and weight frustrations for years or simply want to become the best version of yourself, this program was designed for you. We’ll do a full-blown investigation of your health using functional lab testing and questionnares, dive deep into your dietary needs and look for possible underlying imbalances in your hormone, immune, gut and detoxification systems. Along with lifestyle change recommendations, I’ll also provide you with a customized food list specifically designed to support your body, and a transformational coaching experience to create a new approach to life and your health.

This program includes 18 coaching sessions and allows us to work together over the course of about 9 months to help you fully transform into the healthiest, happiest and most authentic version of you!

Intensive “Life” style overhaul

Have you been struggling with your health & weight for a while? Maybe you’ve spoken with your doctor, tried multiple diets and workout routines, even seen various acupuncturists, chiropractors, trainers, and other practitioners but still feel stuck. If your goal is to reach peak performance in your career and in your everyday life so you can live life to the fullest, this program is for you. Using functional lab testing and comprehensive questionnaires, we’ll take a deep dive look at your hormone, immune, digestion, and detoxifications systems to find underlying imbalances that could be preventing you from looking and feeling your best. I’ll develop a personalized, realistic health re-building program that provides you with long-lasting and sustainable results.

This program includes 12 coaching sessions and allows us to work together for about 6 months so you get all the accountability and support you need to effectively implement the recommended lifestyle changes.

Jumpstart to a “Life” style change

Ready to work towards your ideal health and weight, but not sure how to get started? Maybe you’ve been working on it but haven’t been able to reach your goals. This might be the perfect program for you. Using in-depth questionnaires and customized lab testing, I’ll assess you current health to gain a clear picture of your biggest health concerns, identify what might be causing them and uncover healing opportunities that can restore balance to your body.

This program includes 6 coaching sessions and allows us to work together for 3 months as I guide you on how to implement new health strategies that best support the results you want to achieve. I’ll provide customized recommendations for diet, rest, excercise, stress reduction, proper supplementation and toxin removal to support your body so that you can reach your ideal health and weight, and start (or get back to) feeling like yourself.

Other Services

Grocery Shopping – $200
Meal Prep Lessons – $150
Healthy prepared meals and delivery – prices vary
Baseline Nutritional consults – 80 minute session $200

Personal Training packages can be added onto the lifestyle packages.

There are small group and private session options.
All new clients first assessment package is $120.

Assessment includes:
Functional Movement Screen
Bio Signature Body Fat Screen
Reflective Performance Reset testing
A 20 min Consult to discuss your goals and health history questionnaire.

I help guide people so their health dreams come true! I strive to help people like me who are determined, smart, hard-working and want to be achieve greatness in all areas of life. Unfortunatley, they also feel exhausted and have tried everything to “feel good in their own skin” and they can’t seem to find the answer when it comes to optimal health. The client knows in their gut (literally) like I did that there is an answer to feeling better. I am that someone to guide them to the answers. I provide solutions to these underlying health problems by using functional lab testing and listening to the client. I guide clients by finding long term solutions to achieve the health goals they have been dreaming of.


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