What to do with all the hard boiled eggs … Why are egg sensitivities so common?

Egg Sensitivity:

Living with an egg intolerance can be very challenging because of the many common egg-containing foods that many of us eat on a daily basis. To make it even more difficult, eggs can be listed on product packaging under different names. It can be a very frustrating intolerance to live with!Here is some information on egg intolerance including its symptoms, egg substitutions, meal ideas and more to help you fully understand egg intolerance and how to best live with it.

What is Egg Intolerance?

An egg intolerance is when the body is unable to appropriately digest or it has an adverse reaction to certain portions of an egg. The majority of people who suffer from egg intolerance are intolerant only to the egg white. Being intolerant to egg yolk (foetus), while possible, is much more uncommon. Eggs are found in a large majority of foods today and are an easy breakfast go to or snack.

When people consume the same foods on a regular basis they can actually develop an intolerance to those foods. When I work with clients I teach them to rotate the heck out of there foods. I always recommend a 4 day rotation diet to keep the amount of food sensitivities to a minimum.I am not saying eggs are bad at all it just tends to be a food a lot of people have a sensitivity to, so maybe try eliminating them from your diet for a few months and then adding them back into the diet.

Eggs are actually an incredible source of protein but maybe you can find a local farmers market and switch to duck eggs for a while if you have to have your “Egg” fill.

Other common foods that commonly show up on a food sensitivity test are corn, soy, cow’s milk, wheat and sugar. I would recommend to avoid or limit these for a bit of time and see how you feel.If you want to learn more about food sensitivities and testing I am happy to set up a discovery call and talk with you.

Other Names for Eggs What makes living with an egg intolerance even more challenging is that often eggs are labeled differently on product packaging. Here are the terms to look out for on product labels:

AlbuminLecithin (E322)




Egg White

Egg derived lysozyme (E1105)

GlobulinEggs are versatile, and are one of nature’s most perfect proteins. But for those with egg allergies, fortunately, nature has also been kind enough to provide many alternatives.


Below are some substitutions for eggs if you have an egg intolerance.

Basic Egg SubstitutionsAlternatives to Egg Yolks:

The best substitute for egg yolks in cooking and baking is arrowroot powder. Arrowroot is a tuber grown in the Caribbean and in North America. It is dried and powdered and looks and acts much like cornstarch. Arrowroot powder is sold in natural food stores and in many supermarkets in the spice section. Arrowroot yields the same smooth texture as egg yolk, but is thinner and tastes less rich.Other alternatives to egg yolks in baking are ground flax and fruit pectins, such as apricot or guava pectins. Many individuals allergic to chicken eggs are not allergic to duck or goose eggs and can use these to cook.

Alternatives to Egg WhitesIf you are reactive to egg whites, here are three suggestions for baking without egg whites:

Reduce the amount of space the batter needs to rise. For example, if a cake recipe calls for egg whites, make two smaller cakes, or muffins without the egg whites.Apple sauce !

Add two tablespoons of lemon juice or vinegar to the batter to raise its chemical activity, which helps make it lighter without egg whites. Triple the amount of baking soda or powder. Baked goods are slightly heavier without egg whites, so avoid recipes that have high egg-white content and depend on them for texture, such as souffles or angel food cake.

Now that I told you not to eat eggs ..

Here is an easy way to use up all those hard boiled eggs from Easter.


Sea Salt
Celery – 5 stalks chopped up
Hard Boiled Eggs – 7-8
Yellow Mustard – 1/4 cup
Paprika – 1/2 tsp
Mayo (soy, corn, sugar free) – 1 cup
Black pepper

Chop up all the eggs and celery throw everything in a bowl and mix…. It is so easy. Feel free to play with the ratios since everyone has different taste. I like a mine a little heavier on the mustard and black pepper.

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