Posted by | June 14, 2021
All things Estrogen!!!

Estrogen dominance is on the rise among men and women. Find out how you can get it under control. Estrogen dominance has been showing up a LOT lately in the...

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Posted by | April 6, 2021
Are Microwave Dangerous?

I have not owned one in over 10 years ... ARE MICROWAVES DANGEROUS? JUST buy a Freaking Toaster oven!!! Let’s get one thing out of the way first: microwaves are...

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Posted by | April 6, 2021
I am sick of failed diets …

STOP going on diets today!!! Stop calling your eating plan a diet!! Let's reset your metabolism together, start with the basics. Do you know what eating plan is right for...

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Posted by | April 5, 2021
What to do with all the hard boiled eggs … Why are egg sensitivities so common?

Egg Sensitivity: Living with an egg intolerance can be very challenging because of the many common egg-containing foods that many of us eat on a daily basis. To make it...

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Posted by | March 24, 2021
Gluten, Corn, Cow’s Milk Free … Calzone! YUM!

It looks so pretty!!!! (That's my calzone below!) I was craving a calzone. So random but I found a recipe and made some modifications and wanted to share the yummy...

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Posted by | March 15, 2021
What your forehead says about your health …

hmmmm ... A large forehead directly correlates with having Celiac's disease and/or gluten sensitivity. I’ll never forget the day I wore my hair pulled back with a headband and my...

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Posted by | March 10, 2021
Glyphosate found guilty …

Did You Hear? Glyphosate was recently found guilty by a California jury for causing cancer in a school groundskeeper, who was repeatedly exposed to it in his line of work....

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Posted by | March 8, 2021
Paleo Biscuits Recipe With Coconut Flour

The perfect paleo biscuits recipe - light, buttery and flaky! These almond and coconut flour biscuits need just 6 ingredients and 30 minutes. Serve these easy paleo biscuits with fried...

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Posted by | March 5, 2021
Paleo Avocado Chicken Salad

If I were to define what makes a good meal in my book, it would probably be these three things… easy, nutrient dense and delicious! Meals like tuna salad, or chicken...

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Posted by | February 25, 2021
STL Healthy Eats at Top Local Restaurants

In the midst of all this craziness I know people would love to have a taste of the top local eateries around town. Well this could be a disaster for...

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