STL Healthy Eats at Top Local Restaurants

In the midst of all this craziness I know people would love to have a taste of the top local eateries around town. Well this could be a disaster for our waste line. We are not moving as much during this lockdown even if you have a home gym!! So here are some ideas ….

A Few Tips:

Limit your carbohydrate intake after lunch.

Have breakfast be your biggest meal of the day.

90% of all my clients have run a food sensitivity test with me. This is my favorite test for great quick results without a ton of supplementation. I have a wide variety of people who test for various reasons, but one of the most obvious reasons is weight loss, inflammation and bloating. The most common response from people is that they cannot believe that the foods they think are healthy and eat all the time, are actually the ones that are making them feel bad. The test I run will check for 150 chemicals and foods and show how reactive you are to each of them. With the results I will draw up an individualized plan that has you rotating your foods and meets your goals. I LOVE this test!!! I personally run it on myself about every 8 months and I feel amazing after each one. After my last test I went down half a show size from loosing so much inflammation and edema. My bloating went down and what felt like arthritis in my knee went away.

Of course over time you shouldn’t have to rely on taking the test as often due to having a good gut healing protocol. As you heal the gut your symptoms should not be as bad when you have reactive foods. So many times I hear about clients who run the test, but do not work on any gut healing protocols. This is KEY!

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