Food Sensitivities

YES, the proof is in the pudding. I have been running food sensitivity testing, GI panels,  Adrenal hormone panels and Heavy metal tests on myself for over ten years. I wanted to share with you my health journey and where I am  today from both a mental well-being standpoint  and how my  Functional lab results reflect my lifestyle changes. .

I grew up in a healthy home when it came to what we ate. I was the kid who would  try to trade my apples for whole wheat sandwiches  or a fruit rollup. I never got the trade! I did have strep throat a lot as a kid and was on a ton of antibiotics growing up. I consider this the first stage of my stomach issues.

You have to heal the gut to get the results. This step is very important!!

When I entered 5th grade, my stomach issues became unbearable.   I developed  chronic stomach problems such as bloating and pains, bowel movement issue and digestive complications.. I was put on a gammit of medications to help including  as Prozac, Belladonna, Bean-O, and who knows what else. Of course, at the time I didn’t know any better, so I took whatever I could. I was told it was anxiety causing the problems.

I pretty much struggled most of my young adult life  into my twenties with horrible stomach problems. I had short periods of time when I didn’t feel bad, usually because I was  not sober  then, and I was numbing the pain. .

I eventually became a personal trainer. At this point, I was eating perfectly. I never cheated, and my entire family hated me because I was so rigid, Still, , I would get sick  every time I ate. I had chronic diarerra and kept retaining water.  Eventually, I started to get my period every day.

Food Sensitivity Testing is KEY! Make sure you use a good lab. 

Fortunately,  I found a functional practitioner who suggested we run some functional labs. I was hesitant, but I was curious about   living a holistic lifestyle and I wanted to feel better. I was desperate, and I had already been to every doctor under the sun. I first ran my food sensitivity test which I will share my results from over the years. You can see the profound difference from all the work I have done.

I also ran several parasite tests over the years. I have had at least four parasites, heavy metals (due to mercury fillings), SIBO, Candida; I feel like the list can go on and on… So, I had a very “Leaky Gut” and had a lot of repair that needed to be done. I was also estrogen dominant which explained the irregular periods and inability to lose weight. I had hypothyroidism and stage three adrenal fatigue.

I was the healthiest sickest person!!! Crazy right??

No, it is NOT.  I have people contact me daily who have all the same symptoms but didn’t have anyone  to explain what could really be going on.  I am so blessed and so lucky to get to help others  figure out what is going on and how to help them through this journey.

Did I heal my gut overnight, no way! However, today my labs for my GI are always clean unless I do something that I knowly will cause problems. My food sensitivities are next to none.

If you are playing the food elimination guessing game stop stressing yourself out and do a good quality lab. If you want more information about how to find a good lab and how the test is taken please feel free to contact me. I am happy to help guide you and even run the lab with you.  I have run over 1000 tests with clients and have done double blind testing on all the labs I use, so I know they are reliable.  Stop running your head into a wall to try to figure out what foods are upsetting your body.


Click the Pictures Above to SEE MY LABS… I went from over 27 reactive foods to less than ten… CHECK THE DATES.. You can Heal your gut!!!!!

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